Exchange Studies at Beihang University

!! Dear partners and students: from March 1, 2017, please visit our new English-language website: for accurate information. This page will no longer be updated.

What can I study?

Beihang is one of the first Chinese universities to offer postgraduate programmes in English for international students. Currently, over 250 of our courses can be taught in English. At the undergraduate level, seven subject areas offer English-taught courses. More choices are available at the postgraduate level.

Incoming exchange students can select courses across a range of subject areas and are not restricted to courses only in their major. It is also possible for undergraduate exchange students to choose courses from postgraduate programmes, and vice versa. However, courses are taught only once a year, either in the spring semester or in the autumn semester. One credit at Beihang generally equals to 16 hours of lecture time, around 2 – 2.5 ECTS credits.

In parallel with your regular studies, you can take Chinese language courses for 4 to 20 hours, depending on your proficiency level. Application for such courses takes place on arrival.

Exchange students are welcome to do final-year projects or research internships supervised by our professors. Available opportunities can be found in the brochure, compiled annually by the International Division. Applicants should first contact their prospective supervisors by sending their CV and motivation letter while copying With all resources at hand, if you still have difficulty in matching professors, please request for help from the International Team.

Apply for an exchange

? Step 1: Speak to your home university's exchange coordinator

Contact the coordinator for exchange programs at your home university and find out the steps you need to follow in order to be nominated for exchange to Beihang.

? Step 2: Submit your application to Beihang

Your home university coordinator should send to the program manager of the corresponding region: a recommendation list (xls. format), and a single PDF file containing the other documents. Please kindly note that late applications will not be considered and no hard copy is required.

Application documents:

1) Recommendation List

2) Application Form

3) Study Plan

4) Curriculum Vitae

5) Copy of Passport

6) Official Transcript

Application deadlines:

Autumn semester (Mid-Sept. to early Jan): April 15

Spring semester (Early March to Mid-July): October 15 of the previous year

? Step 3: Wait for confirmation

After receiving your completed application, another unit – the International School will evaluate your documents and decide if they can admit you.

If you qualify, we will mail the package to your home university coordinator within two months. It will include an admission notice, a supporting document for visa application, and a detailed guide.

The International Division provides strong buddy support for each incoming exchange student. Around one month before you come to Beihang, you will be introduced to a local student, who can pick you up at the airport and explore Beijing together with you, among many other activities supported by our Buddy Program.

Prepare for Beihang

When you receive the admission package, please start to apply for a Chinese visa and read the Guide for further instructions. We would like to highlight the following information:

? Expenses

Tuition fees are to be paid by exchange students to home university only. However, you should cover your own expenses as follows: travel, accommodation, food, books and teaching materials, insurance and other associated costs. After arrival, you will be required to register for Comprehensive Insurance & Protection Scheme for Foreigners Staying in China. The cost is 400 RMB/6 months.

? Accommodation

Normally, exchange students can apply for on-campus housing by submitting the Application Form for International Student Dormitory. The form must be sent to as soon as the student receives a confirmation of admission from Beihang. The available option is double-occupancy bedroom with bathroom at the International Student Dormitory (Building 10, Da Yun Cun), the monthly rent being around 650 RMB. It is not possible to apply for single rooms.

Campus Life

If you hope to know more about campus life, please visit this link:


Academic Calendar (2016-2017)

? Autumn semester 2016

Official registration day/ suggested arrival day: September 6, Tuesday, 2016

Orientation: September 7-9, 2016

Courses and exams: September 11, 2016 until January 15, 2017

Suggested departure date: January 15, 2017 or afterwards

Public holidays:

Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival): September 15-17

National Day Holiday (Golden Week): October 1-7  

New Year Holiday: January 1-3, 2017  

? Spring semester 2017

Official registration day: February 27-28

Suggested departure date: July 3 or afterwards

Public holidays:

Tomb-sweeping Festival (April 2-4)

May Day (April 29-May 1)

Dragon Boat Festival (May 28-30)

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